West Boise Needs a Library! Petition

We, citizens of Boise, do hereby petition the Mayor of Boise, Boise City Council Members, and the Boise Library Board of Trustees, to prioritize construction of a library in West Boise. We recognize that a library “desert” exists in West Boise. The closest library is 4+ miles away. Most citizens of Boise live within 1 to 2 miles of a library, making a library accessible by foot or bicycle.

Libraries, like other city services, are a tremendous benefit to citizens who use them. They provide:

  • A place to borrow books, free of charge.
  • A place to borrow items besides books: movies, games, and many other things.
  • A place to participate in programs: story time, music and movement, literacy and basic skills, tax help, to name just a few.
  • A special place for children to learn and grow.
  • A place to use technology – computer, printer and internet access.
  • Librarians, who delight in helping people find what they’re looking for.
  • A physical space, to study, to come together, to provide city services.

These benefits, and others not listed here, provided by libraries, should be easily enjoyed by all Boise citizens. Tax dollars from all parts of Boise pay for libraries. We urge you to prioritize, research, and fund a library in West Boise.